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This scene depicts the Austro-Bavarian cavalry charge on the French Grand Battery and the countercharge of Nansouty's French Guard cavalry.

The Battle of Hanau was fought on (30 – 31 October 1813) between Karl Philipp von Wrede’s Austro-Bavarian corps and Napoleon's retreating French during the War of the Sixth Coalition.

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Horace Vernet's painting "Battle of Hanau", held at the National Gallery in London.

Following Napoleon's defeat at the Battle of Leipzig earlier in October, Napoleon began to retreat from Germany into France and relative safety.

Wrede attempted to block Napoleon’s line of retreat at Hanau on 30 October.

The German Goldsmith´s House in Hanau on the Altstädter Markt is one of the most historically significant buildings in the old part of Hanau.

The museum is one of the most significant exhibition venues of the gold and silversmiths´ art in Germany.

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