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Sie sucht Ihn in Solingen - Diese weiblichen Singles suchen einen Mann Diese Frauen möchten nicht länger Single sein und suchen mit einer Kontaktanzeige Sie sucht Ihn in Solingen nach einem Mann. Lege dir in wenigen Schritten ein kostenloses Profil an und tritt mit Frauen aus deiner Umgebung in Kontakt.

Für einen ersten Eindruck gibt es hier vorab einige Anzeigen aus der Rubrik Sie sucht ihn aus Solingen zu sehen.

People come here from different backgrounds, and don't always notice the local style right away.

-Plain badge-shaped shields are probably the oldest. Eyes in yellow boxes are never old, assuming the yellow box is original to the knife. Schlieper arched (over)Eye Logo(over)SOLINGEN(over)G ermany. Between his explanation and the article in Knife World, I have a much better understanding. It obviously does nothing on the newer Eyes but it does have good info on the older ones.

-Two eyes etched on blade are older than one eye etched on blade. What Id like to know is what range of years were each tang stamp and shield varieties used? Any other things to look at when dating a Eye Brand knife? I've been wondering the same thing, and Ray Roe of Sweetwater Knives over on AAPK was kind enough to help clarify things somewhat. Keith It is very frustrating trying to date Eye Brands. The only accurate info I have found is an article authored by Joe Dobbs and it appeared in Knife World in August, 1983 and again in the Best of Knife World, 1993.

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