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Subsequently, within the care proceedings and relying on the previous findings of fact, the mother sought declarations that the local authority had breached her and S's ECHR Article 6 and 8 rights.

In order to defend this claim the local authority was required to appeal against the judge's findings.

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After an negative assessment of the mother the local authority instituted care proceedings.

Cavendish Press' coverage of Harris' harassment case featured in The Daily Mail and The Times.

Appeal against finding of fact in care proceedings. The Court of Appeal considered an appeal by a local authority against findings of fact made by HHJ Finnerty when making an interim care order in respect of S.

Lian Harris, 41, (pictured above) who was smarting over losing a legal battle to keep her child, posted the Just Giving entry on her own Facebook page with a sarcastic rallying call suggesting she and friends turn out to ''support'' Judge Singleton during a sponsored walk - and urging followers to ''bring an egg or 2.'' Later Harris tracked down the whereabouts of the QC's home and confronted the judge on her doorstep attempting to pass her a handwritten note in the process.

Judge Singleton, 53, swiftly shut her front door in a state of panic and subsequently called police.

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