Mains hall singleton history Single schladming

was used.”Thornber mentions extensive renovations to the hall in one of his Lancashire & Cheshire Historical transactions (the title of which is, predictably, extremely long winded and not worth repeating).

At least three other bricks in this exposed section measured ten and a half inches in length by two and a half inches in depth.

Because we’re not experts, we consulted the Collins’ Field-guide to Archaeology, which informed us: “Brick making died out with the Romans, and was reintroduced from Flanders about 1220.

(As you’ve probably gathered we’re running out of reasonably intelligent puns for these titles.)Now then…previously on this board we’ve mentioned that the Fylde and Wyre Antiquarian are currently investigating and attempting to add to the history of Mains Hall in Little Singleton.

Furthermore we’ve already posted a potted history here consisting of the known facts as recorded in various legal documents and/or by historians over the centuries. Well, documents only go back so far and there might well have been a Saxon/Norse/Roman or Celtic dwelling on the site long before the Banastres began their thuggish reign.

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