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While filming, her role was reduced due to her pregnancy, but it turned out to be more of a cut than was expected.“She only has one line in the whole movie,” our source says.

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The “Monsters Ball” Oscar winner has a history of being romantically challenged.

Once paparazzi darlings, Berry, 47, and Martinez, 48, have not been seen in public together in months.

Making whispers of their split even stronger, Berry was not wearing her wedding ring as the special guest at a post-Oscars party. The formerly PDA-loving couple were last seen in public together on Dec.

“They’re not telling her until the movie comes out.” (They can thank us later.) As for the the actress’ love life, she had fought to live in France full-time with Martinez in 2012, but her ex — Nahla’s father, Aubry — didn’t want her to.

Berry claimed she had more privacy and felt safer in France, but a judge ruled in 2012 that she had to remain in the U. She has vowed to move to France for good when Nahla turns 18.

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