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Single Portal gets its name from a Legislative bill which was passed in the 1993 session of the North Carolina General Assembly.The legislation called for Single Portal Plans, guided by a set of rules, to be drafted by each Mental Health Center.

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The Single Portal process improves the Division of MH/DD/SAS and the local Centers ability to manage resources.

This process facilitates interagency communication to meet the needs of individuals in the most appropriate environment, and helps identify, through person-centered planning, generic and natural supports and funding options.

SAP Net Weaver Portal provides two variants for enabling SSO depending on security requirements and the supported external applications: SSO with user ID and password In the portal environment, SSO eases user interaction with the many systems, components, and applications available to the user.

The services which must be accessed through the Single Portal process include, but are not limited to: The Interagency Council (IAC) of the Mental Health Center, is composed of Mental Health Center staff, related agencies, the individual and his/her family, representatives of local service providers, mental retardation center staff, and other persons, as indicated by the DMH/DD/SAS Commission Rules, and listed in the Single Portal Plan.

The IAC assists in identifying individual needs and available resources, and creating alternatives that support the needs and preferences of person with developmental disabilities.

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