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Struers Application Notes give you concentrated and precise information about specific materials and their application.Gain valuable insights into the latest applications and preparation methods via knowledge sharing.Refresh your knowledge or learn new techniques together with our application experts. Find out how All Struers equipment can be customised to fulfill your special needs.

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You can choose from manual systems for the preparation of the occasional sample to powerful, fully automatic preparation solutions for high-volume processing with outstanding reproducibility. that Struers has a unique knowledge base with more than 500 systematic and proven methods covering the complete range of metals, ceramics, electronics, minerals, polymers, composites and organic materials? that Struers also has equipment for preparation of radioactive material?

At Struers we focus a universe of knowledge and equipment to help you achieve perfection in each and every tiny detail.

The best solutions for your particular materialographic preparation needs are close at hand, supported by the latest knowledge and new opportunities.

You can benefit from decades of experience and innovation in multiple industries, leading to the unique level of quality, precision and efficiency that characterize Struers materialographic solutions today.

The type of material is the single most important factor when choosing a materialographic solution.

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