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A case of hardship must be proven in writing with the application (e.g.proof of parental income, proof of disabilities, illness, etc.).Your room will be checked for damages and cleanliness during this appointment and there will also be a moving out protocol to follow. You may no longer enter your room once you have moved out. Admission generally proceeds on a first-come first-served basis.

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You must vacate your room at the latest on the day the contract ends and before .

If this is a Saturday, Sunday or an official bank holiday, then handover of the room takes place on the working day prior to this, before (general rental conditions, clause 15).

Each higher education institute is responsible for allocating rooms; the student union has no influence in this area.

Application for a room is made directly via the institution, together with the application for admission.

They look after all students living in the halls, from reservation confirmation to termination.

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